Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation

Here is the link for Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation, which came into effect on July 1, 2014.

Although you will now need to get express consent before sending CEM’s (commercial electronic messages) the new legislation allowed for a 3 year transition period ending July 1, 2017. This applied to anyone with whom you had an implied business relationship before the new laws came into effect.

FAQ: Once the law comes into force, how does it affect consent?
Knowing that people and businesses may need to change their practices when it comes to sending commercial electronic messages (CEMs), the legislation includes a transitional provision that relates to the consent requirement. There are two types of consent – express and implied. The transitional provision set out in section 66 of CASL applies to implied consent.

Under section 66, consent to send commercial electronic messages (CEMs) is implied for a period of 36 months beginning July 1, 2014, where there is an existing business or non-business relationship that includes the communication of CEMs.